Dogs Can Affect Homeowners Premium

Dogs are wonderful pets and often do their part to keep your home safe – and fun.   But unfortunately they can cause trouble also.

1/3rd of all homeowner insurance claims are related to dog biting.  According to insurance industry statistics, dogs bite nearly 5 million people every year – accounting for 800,000 injuries – and 70% of the attacks happen on the dog owner’s property.

In today’s world – where people (and lawyers) are anxious to sue – homeowners (and renters) who own pets should review their insurance policies to makes sure they are covered in the event of an unfortunate accident.

But not all pet-related claims are for bites.

For instance, if your pet causes someone to trip or fall and they end up breaking a bone – you may be held responsible.

A Texas case awarded a bike rider $1.8 million for severe injuries when a dog darted in front of him.  The dog wasn’t attacking and no bite was involved, but the dog did cause the accident.  In this case the insurance claim was split between the dog owner and the home owners association (which was part of the lawsuit because they had not enforced their own leash laws ).

Check with your insurance provider to see how much coverage you have for pet damage.  And keep your dogs safely leashed for themselves and others.