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Homes for Sale in Chapman Farm

Walking around Chapman Farm the past few days at dusk I couldn’t help but admire how so many homeowners have kept their yards tidy and clean. While it doesn’t have the views of a Golf Course like some parts of Crofton, the streets themselves are laid out in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Real Estate Market Conditions in Chapman Farm

Chapman Farm has always been one of the most desired neighborhoods in Crofton. A few years back, sales prices in the neighborhood soared and a lot of people found it prohibitive to buy there. Especially when the prices on homes went up during the listing period.

Prices are still high when compared with the rest of Crofton, but have stabilized somewhat. As of today, there are 6 properties listed for sale in Chapman Farm, ranging in price from $559,900 to $609,800.

The average sales price for a home in Chapman Farm in 2008 is 587,000. In 2006, the average sales price was $591,424.